The Legends Tracking system is cost effective, consistently reliable and is supplied to races around the globe.

It offers a number of key safety benefits to the Race Organiser

  • Real time tracking of participants
  • SOS button for a participant to request emergency help
  • Easily locate a lost participant
  • Check track log of participants
  • Provide support crews with tracker to optimise panning, deployment and searches
  • Comprehensive HQ-Ops Room features for monitoring, control and capability

The tracking system also offers enhanced operational efficiencies

  • Know when to open checkpoints
  • Know where to focus deployment of safety and medical teams
  • A real time leader board

Legends Tracking can boost the publicity, reach and growth of your race

  • Shareable web portal showing course map and racer locations
  • People from all over the world, friends, family and supporters can follow the progress of athletes
  • Live tracking is an additional channel to create visibility for your sponsors
  • Legends Tracking is integrated with social media like Facebook & Twitter

Legends Tracking is the future of events safety and promotion. Emerging and developing technologies are part of the philosophy of continuous improvement to bring a market leading customer interface to Event Organisers and Race Directors.

Team briefing at Legends Trails HQ, Belgium Ardennes

Team briefing at Legends Trails HQ, Belgium Ardennes


As an independent consultant, working respectfully under the banner of the promoting organisation, Stu has provided safety systems support and development to international ultra-expedition races:

Stu on shift in Montane Spine Race Safety Ops HQ

Stu on shift in Montane Spine Race Safety Ops HQ

Most notably he has worked with the Montane Spine Race and Legends Trails since their very first editions of their races, 2011 and 2016. Ensuring their safety systems develop incrementally to match the organic growth of the event, budgets and available resources. He has also fulfilled the role of race skills training provider, helping participants improve their outdoor and navigation abilities through sharing knowledge and experience, thus enhancing overall safety.

He brings a broad skill set and focused attitude to event safety: a degree in engineering, fifteen years work in aerospace safety conformance and product investigation sector, years of experience as a Mountain Leader, professionally guiding expeditions in remote, wilderness, environments and amateur level competition in cycling time trials.

Stu never loses sight of the aims and ambitions of the Race Directors, working with all elements of the organisation, through the planning to post-event wrap up stages, to bring safe and successful outcomes.

In the field team discussion on Ranger Ultras' Peak District South To North race

In the field team discussion on Ranger Ultras’ Peak District South To North race