Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: Ranger Ultras are ‘low-key’ races. What does this mean?
A: At our events you’re ensured of a warm welcome and well organised race. There will be medals, flags and refreshments. But you’ll not find overhead gantries or other razzmatazz. We’d rather keep our overhead costs low, invest in our team and items which give you a quality experience.  And pass on great value to participants.

Q: Are Ranger Ultras courses marked?
A: All our routes are on public rights of way. These are often indicated with permanent signage and finger posts. Aside from a a handful of exceptional areas, we don’t add additional course marking.

Q: Why don’t you mark your courses?
A: Several reasons. Signage, tape marking, ribbon etc is unsightly for other trail users and can pose a hazard to wildlife and farm animals. By keeping our signage to a minimum (normally just in and around Race HQ) we are not buying and introducing plastic into the natural environment.

Q: I’m not a confident navigator and only usually run on marked courses. Are Ranger Ultras’ races for me?
A: Absolutely yes. Most of our routes are on well defined trails. Also, we provide course notes and a GPX file well in advance of the race.

Q: Can I get the course notes before entering.
A: Yes, click the menu tab under each race web page, for a full set of course and detailed briefing notes.

Q: Can I get the GPX file before entering.
A: No, GPX files are sent to entered participants only.

Q: Do you provide maps?
A: Runners need to provide their own maps. This is because people have varying preferences for mapping (eg Harvey’s vs Ordnance Survey). In the race briefing notes, we let you know which of the commonly used maps covers the course.

Q: Can I share a map with my friend for a race?
A: No. every participant on our races should have their own map, in case they become separated.

Q: I’m a fast runner and will be back before dark. Do I still have to carry a headtorch on the compulsory kit list?
A: Yes. Any number of foreseeable circumstances could delay a runner of any ability. Don’t forget spare batteries. Or, if using a rechargeable headtorch, make sure it’s fully charged and has sufficient endurance. On a similar subject, don’t forget to make sure your mobile phone is fully charged too.

Q: Do I have to carry every item on the compulsory kit list?
A: Yes. The compulsory kit list is there for your safety. In circumstances where you are injured or become immobile, you have the kit to keep warm and sheltered until help arrives.

Q: Can my friends and family meet me on the course?
A: There’s nothing to stop spectators from cheering you on. But please remember that, for a fair race for all participants, our races are strictly unsupported. Any exchange of items between as participant and spectator will be seen as support given, resulting in disqualification. It is the participant’s responsibility to refuse items offered in support that are not from a official race checkpoint. Also, there is often very little parking where the trails cross roads, so the best place for your friends and family will be to cheer you into the finish and celebrate with you there.

Q: Can my friend or family run with me?
A: Yes if they enter the race. Otherwise no and not for any portion of the course. This will be seen as external accompanied running / pacing. It is the participant’s responsibility to refuse company from external runners (who have not entered the race).

Q: What can I expect at on course checkpoints?
A: Checkpoint locations and what’s offered at each, will be detailed in the race brief. Typically, there is a selection from water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, soup, chocolate snacks, savoury snacks, fresh fruit. We recommend all runners carry some personal snacks for between checkpoints. We do our best to provide something for everyone, but if you have a special diet you should bring some items which you know you can definitely eat. Participants with known allergies should pack their own food. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all our on-course checkpoint food is pre-packaged individual portions.

Q: For some Ranger Ultras races, the briefing notes say the Race HQ is open the evening before the event. Can I still register and collect my race number on the morning of the event?
A: Yes, for an event where Race HQ is open the evening before, you can choose to register on the evening before, or the morning of the event. See race itinerary in the briefing notes for timings.

Q: Can I enter on the day?
A: No. We need to know in advance how many participants there are in order to correctly supply checkpoints and allocate team members to locations and roles.

Q: If I can’t or don’t attend the race, can I have a deferral?
A: No. While we sympathise with participants individual circumstances. The bottom line is that entry fees for a given race are already heavily invested in that specific race very early in the planning process. If participants don’t race we still have to pay for venue hire, event infrastructure, team expenses, event insurance etc. Deferrals to another event in effect cost us twice the amount in event costs – once for the event deferred from and once again for the event deferred to.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We urge participants to read our race Terms & Conditions on Si-Entries. Up to a cut-off date, we do offer partial refunds for runners who cannot attend an event. There is also an option to transfer your entry to another runner (again see the T’s & C’s) for a small fee to cover our time and admin costs. From 2022 there will be an opt-in event non-participation insurance facility (provided through Si-Entries) to all of our races on Si-Entries. See details on our Si-Entries race entry link. Meanwhile, we recommend runners seek personal event insurance if the ability to participate is of concern.

Q: I’d like to improve my route finding skills, can you help me?
A: Definitely. We offer one-2-one and bespoke navigation courses with years of experience and top tips to share, building your skills and confidence. Not only for Ranger Ultras’ events but for your own independent adventures too.

Q: I’ve a group of friends (from my club) who would like to improve our navigation and hill skills. How can you help?
A: We’d be delighted to arrange a course for your enjoyment. Feel free to call or email to discuss.

Q: What prizes are offered?
A: There are medals and trophies for each race. See race briefing for details of specific trophies. Also we have a special prize for the overall Grand Slam series winners (fastest male and lady)

Q: How do I enter the Grand Slam?
A: Very simple. All finishers on the first GS event automatically become eligible for the next in the series. And so on. To be eligible for the GS competition, a runner must finish each event in the series. You can enter all the events at the same time (see the GS web page for list of GS races). Or each event separately. The choice is yours. But for separate sign ups, please make keep a regular check on Si-Entries as our events do sell out. As we already make every effort to keep our entry fees low, sorry there is not a discount for entering all the GS at the same time.

Q: What is Ranger Ultras’ Medals For Wildlife?
A: This is our idea for runners and winners who don’t wish to take home a medal or trophy. After the presentation photo at the finish. Participants can choose to return (it’s absolutely fine if you wish to keep your medal) their medal for that particular race into the Medal For Wildlife box. For every medal in the box, we’ll donate the equivalent cost of that medal to a wildlife charity. We’ll then re-use that medal for a future race, thus also helping us to reduce our environmental impact. The same goes for trophies.

Q: What does Ranger Ultras do for local trails and communities?
A: Our ongoing contribution to trails maintenance and grass roots athletics funding, is made through National Governing Body, National Trails and Local Authority permit fees. Ranger Ultras have made several thousand pounds in contributions, a significant amount for a small family run company. We’re keen to ensure our events have minimal impact but maximum benefit to communities. We bring much needed income and trade to local businesses.

We look forward to welcoming you to great days of trail running.
Your Race Organisers
Stu & Peter