Introducing Medals For Wildlife at all our Ranger Ultras’ trail running events…

Celebrating runners’ achievements has always been a huge part of what we enjoy about organising races. Although not every runner wants to take a medal away with them. So after your presentation picture in Race HQ, you now have the choice to put your medal into our Medals For Wildlife box.

For every Ranger Ultras medal in the box at the end of each event we’ll donate the equivalent medal cost ( £3-00 ) to a wildlife charity.

Similarly if you’re fast enough to win a trophy, you may choose to add this to the box and we’ll donate £10-00 for each trophy.

We’ll then re-use the medals and trophies in future races, which also helps reduce our environmental footprint. But we’d like to emphasise that Medals For Wildlife is optional and if you enjoy the memories that a medal brings, then you’re equally welcome to take yours home.

Race Organiser, Stu, has been a supporter of Tusk Trust since running the Lewa Safaricom marathon, Kenya, in 2008. All our Medals For Wildlife fundraising will go to Tusk Trust.


Medals For Wildlife is in addition to the trail fees we pay for National Trails and Local Authority permits. Ranger Ultras have thus far over a thousand pounds in trail fees which goes towards upkeep and maintenance of public rights of way. Ranger Ultras has been awarded the National Trails supporter badge for the past three years