Ranger Expeditions has supported The Spine since the very first edition in 2011. Stu Westfield is the Spine Safety Team Manager & Training Event Coordinator. The Spine Race, in partnership with Ranger Expeditions & Ultras, brings you the Spine Race Training programme. New, returning or future Spine, Challenger, Fusion or Flare…all racers are welcome.

Contact Stu to arrange your One-2-One training, or small group bespoke training, guided by long-standing current members of the Spine Safety Team.

Email: stu@thespinerace.com

For Official Group Training sessions, head to The Spine Race website events & training page:

  • Tan Hill Training Weekend, with guest speakers, Spine Instructor mentored training and mini recce.
  • Cheviots Training Weekend and recce run, hosted by long standing members of the Spine Team and guest Speakers.
  • Peak District Training Weekend, with guest speakers, Spine Instructor mentored training.
  • Spine Training weekends are highly recommended by previous group training participants as a excellent way to focus on training objectives, race strategies, time saving tips. As well as meeting and sharing knowledge with past and future Spine & Challengers, in a friendly, supportive environment. All racers – past, current and future – are equally welcome.

Read on for one-2-one Spine Strategies & Race Skills training:
121 SpineTraining Fusion Flare

121 SpineTraining Winter
The Spine Race, in partnership with Ranger Expeditions, brings you the Spine Race Training programme.

Our emphasis is on great value and quality training. With Spine Team instructors who’s focus is upon your skills development, confidence, aspirations and enjoyment. So that you arrive at the start line with the best possible preparation. The courses are open to current Spine entries, returning racers and those who are considering entering. The sessions are also open to all ultra athletes who are looking to broaden their range of skills.

Stu Westfield, Spine Race Safety Team Coordinator is an experienced Mountain & Expedition leader, endurance event runner and former cycling time trail racer, Stu has been on The Spine safety team since the very first edition in 2011. Through his Complete Racer courses Stu has assisted many racers on their Spine journey: Helping novice and GPS-only navigators develop confident ‘heads-up’ route finding skills. Using incremental gains and sharing the results of detailed analysis for Spiner make easy ‘quick win’ time savings. Also, turning the disappointment of previous racers DNFs into robust and ultimately race finishing strategies.

Regular members of the Spine Safety Team will join some group sessions to share their personal insights and experiences. Several have raced on The Spine and Challenger, many have returned year on year to be part of the camaraderie and help the race grow from an ‘instant classic’ in year 1 to the world class event it is today. All share an enthusiasm for the race and to see racers achieve inspiring feats of personal achievement.

Naturally, we cannot guarantee that our courses will present you that much sought after finish. But, we are confident that with us, you’ll develop a race strategy which will enable you to travel further, faster and more efficiently than you otherwise would have done.

Here’s just a selection of the comments from previous course participants…
“Without your course I’d still be faffing at CP1″
“Your tips made it possible for me to finish the Spine Race”
“had a great time spending two days navigating with Stu”
“A real confidence boost”
“Thanks and appreciation for the advice you provided and which I believe played a big part in helping me complete the Spine successfully”

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