Ranger Ultras welcomes volunteers onto the Peak District South 2 North Ultra – Ranger Safety Team (RST).


  • On Course Safety Team (12 volunteers)
    • Hill top monitoring & checkpoints
    • Road head monitoring & checkpoints
    • Course sweeping in selected areas
    • Racer pick ups from road heads
    • Assisting racers in difficulty to safe locations
    • Assisting with Race Registration, Kit checks, HQ Support
  • Race Control (2 volunteers)
    • Call log and racer location monitoring
    • RST deployments
  • HQ support (2 volunteers)
    • Heating and plating meals
    • Racer welfare whilst in HQ
    • HQ organisation


Friday 18th November 

18:00 – Racers meet at Edale Village Hall, Event HQ for Check in, Pre-race Briefing, Kit Check and Pasta Party.

Saturday 19th November

07:00 – Transport from Edale HQ to Race Start at Ashbourne

08:00 – Stage 1 start

23:59 – Stage 1 Edale cut off time

Sunday 20th November

07:00 – Stage 2 start from Edale HQ

22:00 – Stage 2 Marsden finish cut off time


We’re offering a enjoyable and action packed time in some of the best hills, vales, moors and dales in the country. There will be the chance to work alongside industry professionals, within a supportive team environment where we value camaraderie. Joining the RST is also a great way to learn more about the skills and strategies of ultra racing.

Breakfast, plus at least one hot meal each day, tea, coffee, soft drinks will be provided along with the pre-race pasta party. If you use your car for driving to checkpoint locations we will refund your fuel costs whilst on the race.

We’re also offering all our volunteers a choice of:

  • Half price entry into any one Ranger Ultras races or group training events (for joining Safety Team for whole of one event).
  • Free entry into any one of Ranger Ultras races or group training events (for joining Safety Team for whole of two events)

(Please note, volunteer offers are valid for 12 months & are not transferable to anyone else)


Please email us the following details, we’ll add you to the Ranger Safety Team circular to keep you updated with team news and plans for the race.

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Event: Yorkshire 3 Peaks Ultra / Peak District South 2 North Ultra
  • Preferred role: On Course Safety / Race Control / HQ
  • Experience
  • Your Shirt Size: S / M / L / XL
  • Do you have your own vehicle
  • Emergency contact name (& relationship)
  • Emergency contact number

Our email: rangerexped@hotmail.co.uk

We look forward to you joining us on the 2016 Peak District South 2 North – Ranger Ultras Safety Team.

Race Directors, Stu Westfield & Peter Lowton