We welcome volunteers to Ranger Ultras races.

Our races and challenge events are organised in a low-key style which trail runners and our guided clients tell us they love. We keep entry fees low as possible. Enabling participation to be as financially accessible to as many trail runners as we can. So although you’ll not see overhead gantries and lots of razzmatazz, we do take pride in offering great value, great days on the trails and in the hills. With a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly team.

There are various roles available:

  • On course marshal / refreshments / safety team
  • On course sweeper
  • Race HQ race times & results board
  • Race HQ hospitality
Sweeper Team
HQ Team – Finish
Hospitality & Presentations


In return for a day with us, as a sincere thank you:
We offer free personal entry for you (i.e. not transferrable or given away to another participant) into any of our Ranger Ultras’ one day trail races or Ranger Expeditions’ guided open group challenge walks (see below).

One full event day volunteering equals one complimentary entry for you on a future one day Ranger Ultras trail run or Ranger Expeditions guided walk. You also can ‘save up’ volunteering credits.
For example:
Two volunteering days = Entry to both days Peak District South & North (not including the at cost accommodation).

You can also ‘save up’ volunteering credits towards the PB270 & PB137 Trail Challenges.
We have to treat these slightly differently as we take on significantly higher costs to organise.
For each volunteering day you can claim £50 off the…
PB137 entry fee up to a maximum of £100
PB270 entry fee up to a maximum of £200

Your credits can be claimed against any future event.
Sorry, credits can’t count retrospectively (i.e. refunds on previously entered events) as significant unrecoverable event costs, 3rd party booking and card fees have already been incurred.

We will also cover reasonable local travel expenses.
Please speak to us first, especially if you’re more than an hour’s drive away from the venue’s Race HQ.
A couple of exceptions are:
1) For multi-day events, if participating as a runner on one day then volunteering at the same event, we would not expect to refund travel expenses to and from the event.
2) Similarly, if travelling to an event with participants who are running at that event, we would not refund travel expenses.

Cheffy-ness in the Race Kitchen
On Course Marshalling
Always focused on enjoyment

To volunteer, please contact:

With some brief details

  • Your name
  • Your mobile number
  • Your email
  • Where you’ll be travelling from
  • Event(s) interested in volunteering for
  • Role(s) you’re interested in
  • Please tell us a few words about your experience and interest in trail running
  • Do you have any sponsorship affiliations or ambassador role for other events
  • Any special diet or medical conditions we should be aware of (in confidence)
  • Please confirm your age is over 18 before the first day of volunteering with Ranger Ultras
  • Your emergency contact person
  • Emergency contact number
  • Do you have your own vehicle
  • Event(s) you’d like join as our thank you for volunteering

Stay up to date with our latest race news, training courses and guided challenge events on our regular Facebook and Twitter updates, Ranger Ultras and Ranger Expeditions websites.

Ranger Ultras Trail Running Facebook Community Page


Here’s our complete Ranger Ultras trail running race series

Pennine Bridleway PB18 Trail
Pennine Bridleway PB55 Ultra
High Peak Ultra 70/100km
High Peak 18km Trail
Pen Y Ghent 50km Mountain Ultra
Yorkshire 3 Peaks 70/100km Ultra
Peak District White Peak 50km Trails
Peak District Dark Peak 43km Challenge
Peak District South & North 93km
Pennine Bridleway PB270km
Pennine Bridleway PB137km


If you, or friends and family, also like a more relaxed pace and a great day in the hills, we also offer Ranger Expeditions’ challenge walks, guided and supported by local Mountain Leaders:

Peak District 3 Peaks Challenge
Derbyshire 3 Peaks Challenge
Edale Skyline
Kinder Scout experiences
Hilltop Breakfast, Brunch, Sunset Specials

Meanwhile, to help you prepare in the best possible way, we also offer excellent value Navigation and Hill Skills courses for Ultra, Point Score and Expedition Style races, with instructors who are approachable, keen to share knowledge and help you achieve your aspirations.

Your event organisers,

Stu Westfield & Peter Lowton

Ranger Expeditions & Ultras

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